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Masking Film
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Masking Film for Automobile Spraying


Masking Film for Complete Automobile Spraying
—Being made of brand-new imported HDPE, the thin film is a safe, non-poisonous, tasteless, green and environmental protection material.
—Being subject to special corona treatment, the masking film has electrostatic absorption function.
—By adopting advanced folding technology, the masking film can be conveniently carried and used.
—It can extremely improve work efficiency. For the masking workload requiring 3 to 4 operators to finish, it only needs one operator to finish with high quality within minimum time. 
—Safe and worry-saving. By selecting PE fiber film, it can resist paint and corrosion, and also it is free from contamination such as oil impregnating, decolorization, etc. like newspaper, thus it is a superexcellent spraying and environmental protection product with the characteristics of waterproofing, shading, masking, etc.
—Masking film for complete automobile spraying is mainly used prior to paint spraying, and it realizes masking and protection for the complete vehicle except for the spraying surface.